Place Your LiliBets: Will the Queen Fire Boris Johnson?

She's got her stick, and she's ready for one final stunt

go off, queen
Claire Carusillo

BuzzFeed’s Interim EIC Leaving To Run Failing Ice Cream Brand

"But in a twist of fate befitting a rom-com, I recently ended up landing my dream job," she wrote in a leaked email

Tarpley Hitt

JoJo Is Toning It Dodo

Nickelodeon's biggest wacko redecorated

haters got to her
Claire Carusillo

World’s Oldest Spider Monkey Just Keeps On Livin’

His haters are in anguish

we love you elvis
Kelly Conaboy

A Brief History of David O. Russell Being a Piece of Shit

In honor of the 'Amsterdam' trailer coming out

I Heart Harassment
Olivia Craighead

Baseball Wife and Alleged Arsonist Is Somehow Not Interesting Enough for ‘RHONY’

Doesn't Bravo appreciate a big swing?

real housewives of lawsuit
Kelly Conaboy

Another Fucken Crisis for the Queen

Boris Johnson's goons interrupted her Holyrood Week recovery getaway

moody driving playlist
Claire Carusillo

A Sweet Sip for Maestro

Music to my buds

Fran Hoepfner

Do We Really Want Cis Men to Speak Up About Abortion?

We are long past the “raising awareness” stage of this fight

Sarah Manavis

Behold the Witch Princess Meghan's Magickal Pinky Ring

Cast a sigil from the polo field

Montecito Diablerie
Claire Carusillo

Debra Messing: I Got Joe Biden Elected

Whatever you say, queen

Messing Around
Olivia Craighead

Sonic’s Sour Patch Kids Slush Float: An Abomination?

An hours-long quest for a disturbing new food

taste testing
Kelly Conaboy

Revealed: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Local Art Acquisition

The duo went shopping this weekend

art shmart
Kelly Conaboy

Take Bette Midler’s Twitter Away

Big weekend for women who think you can't say "women" anymore

Fran Hoepfner

Chris Rock and Lake Bell Go Public at Noted Going Public Spot Giorgio Baldi

Where else?

Pap Strolls
Allie Jones

The Queen Is Officially Dying, According to an Expense Report

Her role-defining bullet points have been taken away

beach read
Claire Carusillo