'C'mon C'mon' Is a Tender Triumph

In Mike Mills’s new film, a family navigates fractured memories.

Nicholas Russell

The A.V. Club Tells Staffers They Must Move to L.A. or Lose Their Jobs

The site's editor-in-chief broke the news yesterday, according to a recording obtained by Gawker

Tarpley Hitt

Mamma Mia! Italian Man Attempts to Evade COVID Vaccination With Fake Arm

You really have to "hand" it to him ;)

where did the general keep his fake armies
Kelly Conaboy

Starbucks Is Discriminating Against Iced Coffee Drinkers

There is no more War on Christmas, only War on Iced Americano

Baby, It's Cold (Brew) Outside
Olivia Craighead

12 Days of Gift Guides: Hand-Selected Crackers for Holiday Loved Ones

That beloved December tradition of a cracker exchange

gawker gift guide
Claire Carusillo

Rating the New Yorker's 'Best Jokes of 2021'

Do you get it? It’s “funny.”

Hardy Har Har
Olivia Craighead

Adele Is Wrong

(About watching 'Real Housewives.')

incorrect women
Kelly Conaboy

Sweet Angel Hunter Biden Once Helped Out Backstabbing Bully Tucker Carlson

If a leaked email exchange between the former BFFs is to be believed

Jenny G. Zhang

Those of Us Who Love the Dead

The Big Steve Hour and my favorite band

Box of Rain
Sophie Haigney

FedEx Driver Delivered Hundreds of Packages Straight into a Ravine

Looks like they went a little off-route

Jenny G. Zhang

12 Days of Gift Guides: Gifts for Grown-up Gifted Kids

They always need cheering up

Gawker Gift Guide
Tammie Teclemariam

You Don't Have to Repeat a Compliment About Yourself

It won't make people like you more

Allie Jones

Chef Sentenced for Lethal Shepherd’s Pie

The undercooked meal killed one and sickened 31 others

Tainted Mince
Jenny G. Zhang

Teigen Tales: Chrissy Teigen Got Digital Bangs

Meet “app Chrissy”

Effortlessly Cool?
Allie Jones

Shawn Mendes Monetizes Breakup Faster Than Expected

I'm sure this wasn't planned at all

Sunrise, Sunset
Olivia Craighead

Jack Dorsey: I Make Block

A new corporate identity for Square

Claire Carusillo