Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick ‘Barry’ Their Breakup News

Convenient timing

Allie Jones

'New York' Mag Had Good Reason to Cancel the 'Canceled Teen' Story

The magazine did not disclose the writer's personal connection

Tarpley Hitt

Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Epstein's associate will be serving time for 5 guilty counts related to sex trafficking

Claire Carusillo

Did Cassidy Hutchinson Really Help Clean Up Trump's Ketchup?

I find her credible, but that part's hard to believe

catsup cass
Claire Carusillo

Regular Food Review: Mini Milk Chocolate Bars

Rapture in a bar

Break Me Off a Piece of That
Jenny G. Zhang

The Montecito Diaries: Harry and Meghan's Big Week

A dispatch from the happiest place on Earth

Claire Carusillo

Woody Allen and Alec Baldwin Chat About Everything Except Ya Know...

Gimme the goods, fellas

Grumpy Old Men
Olivia Craighead

I Don’t Want to See Any More Photos From the Barbie Set

Enough is enough

life in the dream house
Fran Hoepfner

Dakota Johnson Thinks ‘Fifty Shades’ Would Have Been Better If She Wrote It

She’s probably right

The Truth, Ellen
Allie Jones

A24 Expands Horror Catalogue With Malcolm Gladwell Deal

Get ready for things that go "Well, actually" in the night

Olivia Craighead

'The Black Phone' Review: Read the Story Instead

Joe Hill has a genius for shivery brevity that most adaptations of his work, including the latest, fail to capture

Adam Nayman

I Can Fix Emma Watson's Career

First, no more worrying that audiences are looking for moral leadership

she for she
Fran Hoepfner

The View Ladies Talk Abortion — With a Literal View!

Coming to you live from Baha Mar... the loss of human rights

Olivia Craighead

Lilibet Is Back In the Saddle

Giddy up girl

cough cough i'm sick
Claire Carusillo

Prince Charles Accepted Suitcases Full of Cash from Qatar's PM

But nothing illegal was going down, Clarence House says

deal or no deal
Claire Carusillo

Katie Holmes Literally Obsessed With Random New Boyfriend

They did PDA at a wedding and he met Suri

I <3 Bobby Wooten III
Allie Jones