How to Make a Movie About a Mass Shooter

Peter Bogdanovich's 'Targets' is more than an early career curiosity

B.D. McClay

Restaurant That Asked for Woof of Vaccination Violated COVID Protocols

(Woof of vaccination is dog pics)

Bow Wow
Jenny G. Zhang

A January 6 Insurrection Movie Makes Me Want to Do an Insurrection

Adam McKay must be stopped

January Nix
Olivia Craighead

The Year J.Lo Got Her Loud Back

Has anyone ever had so many non-partisan victories in one year?

on the 6
Claire Carusillo

CIA: Havana Headache? It's Not the Russians

That’s wordplay

ooh na-na
Claire Carusillo

Teigen Tales: Chrissy Teigen Is Six Months Sober

And she got a new dog

Allie Jones

House of Smoochi: Lady Gaga Wanted to Bone Salma Hayek

Her 'House of Gucci' press tour enters its fifth financial quarter

Movie Trivia
Olivia Craighead

Sausage Drone Is the Hero Dogs Deserve

Take me to higher ground (with sausage).

give a dog a drone
Kelly Conaboy

They Made the Green M&M a Dumpy Slut

We used to be a real country

Claire Carusillo

Tartt for Tartt’s Sake: The Secret History at 30

Revisiting a book I wanted to love but couldn’t, and still can’t.

Tara Isabella Burton

Upcoming Tech CEO Shows, Ranked

Finally unethical bosses are getting their time in the limelight

Olivia Craighead

The Problem With Jamie Lynn Spears's Memoir

'Things I Should Have Said' doesn't work

It's Britney
Allie Jones

Bushwick Woman Waging Solo War On Dog Poop

She's replacing it with chalk art

Tarpley Hitt

NYT Styles Adds "Clothes" To List of Things That Are Back

Try and keep up [drags on cigarette]

Claire Carusillo

Let's Discuss 'This Is Us': Don’t Even Ask About Father

Father is not here. He is working!

Kelly Conaboy

All The People Reminding Us That They Knew Bob Saget

Steve Harvey, thank you for weighing in.

In Lieu of Flowers
Olivia Craighead