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Think Converting to Catholicism Is Cool? Try Islam, Sweetie.

No more Dimes Square — time for a new Mecca (the old Mecca)

Say Masha Allah
Sarah Hagi

The Queen Loved Getting Physical

So much so she bestowed damehood upon the late, great Olivia Newton-John

tears on my pillow
Claire Carusillo

27 Days Until Lea Michele Starts ‘Funny Girl’: Jane Lynch Is Getting the Hell Out

But it isn’t about Lea, she swears

Whatever You Say, Girl
Olivia Craighead

Who Should Play Pac-Man in the Live-Action Pac-Man Movie?

It's something to think about

that's pac-ma'am to you
Kelly Conaboy

Johnny Depp Will Continue to Sell Aptly Named Perfume

Typecast again

Tarpley Hitt

Melissa Bank Deserved More

The author of the 'Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing' was a deft stylist whose work transcended chick lit

Cara Blue Adams

Netflix Has Games? (No One Plays Them)

Another slay for the streaming giant

my gaming chair
Kelly Conaboy

The U.N. Reduced to a Royal Family Grievance-Airing Forum

Sort this out in a family group chat please

toastmasters international
Claire Carusillo

Introducing Rita Waititi-Ora


Thor: Love and Matrimony
Olivia Craighead

It’s Time For Olivia Munn to Start a Mommy Blog

It would be easy and people would click on it

Allie Jones

The Gray Man Is Too Handsome

That is not an anonymous killer, that's Ken!

character assassination
Claire Carusillo

Some Movies Are Best Watched 5 Minutes at a Time

Introducing the Sarah Hagi Method

Cinephiles rise up
Sarah Hagi

28 Days Until Lea Michele Starts 'Funny Girl'

She’s keeping very busy

Final Countdown
Olivia Craighead

Teresa Giudice’s Hair Touched The Heavens at NJ Wedding to Luis “Louie” Ruelas

And Joe and Melissa Gorga weren’t even there to see it

Real Housewives
Allie Jones

Who Won Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Break-Up?

Hint: It's neither of them

Rest in Pete
Olivia Craighead

Zooey Deschanel and Boyfriend Indulge in Evening of Dark Arts

Manon, take my Property Brother

the crafty
Kelly Conaboy