HBO’s ‘Station Eleven’ Surpasses the Novel

Patrick Somerville’s adaptation is about adaptation

Aaron Bady

Nominate Ben Affleck for ‘The Last Duel’, Cowards

It's one of the year’s best performances

The Count
Nicholas Russell

Authorial Fragility and the Enemies of Poptimism

It's good when critics dislike things

Most Things Suck
Christian Lorentzen

Things Kyrsten Sinema Has Ruined

The limit does not exist

Democracy Dies in Fuchsia
Jenny G. Zhang

Comedians Are Annoying

On 'And Just Like That,' Che Diaz is a beautiful portrait of reality

Narcissism Is The Best Medicine
Olivia Craighead

Ed Sheeran Wants to Keep Corpses on His Property

I say let him

thinking out loud
Kelly Conaboy

Strong Brain

Try it out at your next party

Life support
Dayna Evans

Surgeon Punished for Signing His Work Like a True Artist

So canvases are free game but unconscious patients’ organs aren’t?

Hippocratic Oath Found Dead
Jenny G. Zhang

FYI, Julia Fox Doesn't Even Own a Kylie Lip Kit

Kanye West's new GF responds to claims she's a Kardashian superfan

Keeping Up
Allie Jones

Let Celebrities Be Freaks On the Record

Vanity Fair's Priyanka Chopra Jonas profile shows the form in decline

Olivia Craighead

New Royal Monogram Ideas for Prince Andrew

Not all’s lost

Pedo in the wind
Sarah Hagi and Jack Koloskus

January and February Need Decorations

We merely lack the courage to take our colorful lights and inflatable yard decor into the new year.

Kelly Conaboy

Teigen Tales: Chrissy Teigen Wore a Bra As a Top — TWICE

Should we start doing this too

Girl Power
Allie Jones

Brand Candles I Want to Smell

Home Depot, for example.

sterling cooper draper me
Kelly Conaboy

The Lord Giveth, and The Lord Taketh Away

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged, and Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa announced their divorce

Circle of Life
Olivia Craighead

In Defense of Shame

Perhaps it's due for a reconsideration

no regrets
Julia Claire