'OK Computer' at 25

The Radiohead album still defies both its critics and admirers

Nicholas Russell

A Eulogy for the CAPTCHA

Gone but not forgotten

Tarpley Hitt

Lea Michele to Replace Beanie Feldstein in 'Funny Girl'

It's finally her turn to be the greatest star

Autumn Awakening
Olivia Craighead

Sorry to Taika Waititi's Kids But He's Really Busy Right Now

He'll get to you after the next five projects though

nono rabbit
Fran Hoepfner

Does Brie Larson Have Friends?

Jacob Tremblay does not count

A 'Room' of One's Own
Olivia Craighead

Report: Randall Emmett Is An Abusive Creep With Very Bad Money Problems

Lala Kent’s former Man has been fully unmasked in the LA Times

Allie Jones

Talk Hole: Children of Folx

Two gay guys discuss dystopia, the recession, and Pride.

Steven Phillips-Horst and Eric Schwartau

Nothing Wrong With Hate-Checking a Stranger’s Alt Every Night

It keeps you honest

miss type
Claire Carusillo

Harry and Meghan Paid for Their Own Flights to the Hague

They probably even tacked on Orbitz travel insurance, too

extra legroom
Claire Carusillo

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Are Not Rushing to Get Married, In Case for Some Reason You Thought That

An Us Weekly source tells all

Wedding Bells? (No)
Allie Jones

The ADHD Urge to Find the Online ADHD Community Annoying

One man's brave journey from diagnosis to acceptance

Just ADHD Things
James Greig

Sure Are a Lot of Job Openings at Kraken

Kraken’s CEO, Jesse Powell, recently challenged employees to leave if they didn't like his debates about saying the N-word

Tarpley Hitt

Cameron Diaz Is Coming Back

Retirement is for people without an ineffable charm

Olivia Craighead

Nobody Likes Sandwiches That Much


big fat lie
Kelly Conaboy

The Montecito Diaries: Meghan Explains Abortion to Gloria Steinem

Women must lift each other up

Claire Carusillo

Is "Hamptons Bladder" Plaguing the Ultra-Rich?

We can only hope

Tarpley Hitt