A 9-year-old boy in Saskatoon, a city in central Saskatchewan, Canada, took an empty city bus on a joy ride Saturday after finding the vehicle idling on the street. The ride went perfectly, just kidding.

CNN reports that Police spokesman Sgt. Ryan Smith said the boy, dressed in pajamas, managed to drive three blocks through a residential area, making two right turns in the process. He also notes that the boy had to drive standing up, because his tiny little bus thief legs weren't long enough to reach the pedals. From CNN:

Steve Pasqualotto, a reporter for CNN partner CBC, said said he was driving down Idywyld Drive, a busy thoroughfare, when "my wife looked out her window and saw a city bus and said, 'There's a boy driving that bus.' "

There is a boy driving that bus! Saskatoon resident Michael Pritchard also spotted the little maniac, telling CBC, "I saw this little head in the driver's seat and I said, 'What?'"

According to Smith, the boy only stopped when he ran into another city bus and a pickup truck, totaling the truck.

No one was injured in the accident, and the boy reportedly won't be charged with anything because he's too young to be arrested under Saskatoon law.

Why did he do it? Police spokesman Sgt. Smith has an idea: "He had an opportunity to take it, and he did."

[image credit: Christian Mueller, Shutterstock]