Yesterday, conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones groveled before his former king, former Presidential candidate Ron Paul, and begged him to to love Jones’ new king, failed mail-order meat salesman Donald Trump.

Jones began by pleading, “It would just be so wonderful to see... a guy with a perfect constitutional record like yourself... Is there any way to at least highlight the things you think that are good [about Donald Trump]? Because I would at least love to see the whole Ron Paul libertarian revolution somehow, you know, at least talking to the Trump populist movement.”

The camera then pans to Ron Paul as Jones weeps silently at the thought.

And then the man who believes that maybe the government knew about 9/11, that the U.N. should be dissolved, that the Fed was hiding the truth about Flight MH17, and that sexual predators deserve privacy on the internet, said this:

Well, I think he’s too much all over the place. What he says one day is something. The next day sometimes he flip flops in one day... what he has said over the years. So I have no idea what he believes in.

Next, the man who believes that we should essentially be paying for everything with bars of gold said:

But his economic policies are all over the place, when you talk about a 35% tax on imports.

All of which is to say, Donald Trump is even too absurd for ardent New World Order opponent Ron Paul

[h/t Mofo Politics]