Remember 8chan? The anonymous image board that sprang to relevance at the height of the Gamergate fiasco may have faded from public view in the months since then, but the creeps who use it haven't stopped creeping.

Late Friday night, a 911 call about an armed man and a hostage situation sent 20 police to a southwest Portland home before authorities determined the call was a misguided prank. The stunt appears to have been sparked by a discussion on 8chan, with artist and outspoken Gamergate critic Grace Lynn as its target. One thing the 8channers overlooked: Lynn doesn't live there anymore.

Lynn, who now resides in California, wrote on Twitter that she caught wind of the so-called "swatting" while "preemptively checking for harassment" on 8chan. (Making false 911 calls is a relatively common prank in the online gaming community.) The artist, a trans woman, told the New York Daily News that she was once a Gamergate supporter, but left the movement and began criticizing it "when it turned against transgender women." After the attempted swatting, she said, she is "afraid for my safety."

Ars Technia posted an excerpt of the since-deleted thread that led to the stunt:

I'm bored, so if someone gets post ending in 88 I will do one of the following:

-If they are already doxed I will swat them, results are normally pretty noteworthy

-If they aren't doxed I will attempt to dox them and swat them. If I can't dox them (rare) I will chose the next post and so on.

Lynn contacted the police to tell them that the apparent hostage situation was a prank. "[Police] said they were able to deescalate the situation thanks to me contacting them," she wrote on Twitter.

According to screenshots Lynn posted to Twitter, users on /baphomet/—an 8chan board devoted to particularly virulent racism, misogyny, homophobia, et cetera—have since moved on to posting the personal information of Nathan Mattise, the Ars writer who covered the swatting, and musing about harassing Lynn's family.

[Image via pixelgoth/Twitter]