A Spanish casting call for extras for a Games of Thrones battle scene ended up shutting down the production company's servers when 86,000 people sent in applications for only 600 roles.

According Entertainment Weekly, local production company Fresco Film had to purchase new servers to handle the overload of Spanish fans, just one of many hurdles producers have faced while shooting this season.

One super-cool extra told reporters he took a vacation from his "high-level banking job" to maybe appear for a split-second in the background of the show.

The production has also turned low-level PA's into celebrities—fans reportedly requested pictures with staffers because they had Game of Thrones badges on.

The Westoros mania has had one positive effect on the area, however, Uproxx reports:

Obviously, local officials are thrilled with the attention and visitors, as Getty reports that all of the hotel rooms in Osuna have been booked through the end of October, and the tourism center has even extended its hours to accommodate the show's fans who traveled with the hopes of getting to participate in a scene.

[h/t Uproxx, image via Getty]