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Stephen Collins, who played a minister and father to seven children in 11 seasons of the WB's 7th Heaven, appears to admit on a secret recording obtained by TMZ to molesting and exposing himself to multiple underage girls. The disturbing audio was secretly recorded during a therapy session with Collins' wife, Faye Grant. The two have been engaged in a prolonged divorce proceeding.

From TMZ:

Here's what Collins didn't know at the time. Grant taped the therapy session. We're told her lawyer advised her it was legal to secretly record the conversation because in California you're allowed to secretly record conversations to gather evidence the other person committed a violent felony ... and molesting a child under the age of 14 qualifies.

The primary victim discussed between Grant and Collins is a relative of Collins' first wife, Marjorie Weinman, whom the actor admits to having molested when she was 11 in New York. "There was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis," Collins tells her. She asks if he had an erection when he moved the girl's hand on his penis. He replies, "No, I mean, no. Partial, maybe I think."

Collins goes on to admit that he exposed himself to her again when she was 12 and 13. He mentions two other underage girls he was allegedly involved with, including one in Los Angeles in the same neighborhood where the couple lived.

According to TMZ, the NYPD is in possession of the tape and had officers fly to Los Angeles to interview Grant, telling the tabloid that there is "at least 3 victims."

[Audio via TMZ]

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