Last month, customs agents at JFK International Airport discovered more than seven pounds of cocaine stuffed inside three large chunks of frozen goat meat, which were packed in a passenger's luggage.

On March 20, Yudishtir Maharaj flew from Port of Spain, Trinidad into JFK, where custom agents selected him for a random search.

From Trinidad Express:

Special agent Michael Martinez indicated Maharaj "presented a checked-in, large black suitcase and a laptop bag for inspection.

When the officers examined the suitcase, they found three packages in the suitcase, which Maharaj claimed "in sum and substance contained frozen cooked goat meat. The three packages were X-rayed revealing a square-like object inside of each one."

The CBP officers later took Maharaj into a private room and, according to Martinez in the court doc­ket, "drilled into the packages and discovered a powdery-white substance, which later tested positive for the presence of cocaine."

"An arriving passenger at John F. Kennedy International Airport had a different kind of 'beef' when encountered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers," U.S. Customs announced in a press release Monday morning. "When probed, the frozen packages of meat produced a white powder that tested positive for cocaine."

The 7.35 pounds of cocaine is worth between $1.2 and $1.8 million, according to Trinidad Express, though sources estimate its worth at between $80,000 and $165,000.

Maharaj, who claims he didn't know the cocaine was in his goat meat, was arrested and faces felony drug charges.

[via Gothamist]