Authorities say at least 61 people were killed and another 37 were injured early Monday morning when a torrential mudslide swept away homes in the municipality of Salgar, Colombia, AFP reports.

Salgar Mayor Olga Osorio said the flood of earth and debris “tore down everything in its path,” practically wiping the village of Santa Margarita “off the map.”

According to CNN, Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos declared a state emergency in the area, vowing to support those who lost their homes and loved ones in the disaster. From the AP:

President Juan Manuel Santos, who traveled to the town to oversee relief efforts, said several children lost their parents and the bodies of those killed needed to be transported to Medellin to be identified. As giant diggers were removing debris he vowed to rebuild the lost homes and provide shelter and assistance for the estimated 500 people affected by the calamity.

“Nobody can bring back the dead,” said Santos, “but we have to handle this disaster as best we can to move forward.”

[Image via AP Images]