Celebrated Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava (whose WTC PATH station is interminably under-construction and insanely over-budget), has now been asked by a Spanish winery to fix a leaky roof, after his Ysios winery, with its miraculous undulating roof, has failed to keep out rain.

The owner of the winery is so fed up with trying to patch the roof, it wants money from the original architect to pay for hiring someone to build a new roof. This demand comes after another one of Calatrava's buildings, the Palau de Les Art in Valencia, has had its ceramic outer skin begin to slowly wrinkle and "its tiles have started to shake loose." The city also wants some of its money back.

Calatrava said that "his honour was wounded" by these requests. Other projects have also shown signs of structural failure — a bridge in Bilbao is known as the "wipe-out" bridge as people have slipped and fallen on it. Authorities in Bilbabo now have "to spend up to €6,000 a year replacing broken tiles." Cities are constantly complaining to Calatrava about the budget of his projects, which often run double their anticipated price and cannot be altered by anyone but Calatrava.