Remember in high school, when your laziest teachers would invite in terribly ineffectual special guests to entertain the class, usually on Fridays right before vacation week? And while you'd be happy these guests freed you from any actual responsibility, you always wondered why "they" didn't just give you a Half Day, because no one wanted to be here anyway, except maybe the poor saps who'd been cajoled into thinking their expertise meant something to a room of indifferent clock-watchers?

That seems like the context of this video of Paul Kevin Curtis, the Mississippi man the FBI arrested yesterday on suspicion of sending ricin-positive letters to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, President Obama, and a local judge. Curtis, as it turns out, is something of a celebrity impersonator hobbyist. He goes by "KC," and if the above video is any indication, he is not only pretty terrible at it, he's also kinda creepy.

Taken from Curtis's YouTube channel, the 2009 clip shows Curtis, dressed in ruffled tuxedo shirt and a leather vest, serenading a group of increasingly mortified students with Prince's "Little Red Corvette." Since they're all visibly horrified by this grown man singing to them about a pocketful of Trojans, he tries even harder to engage them directly, wiggling his hips, moving in closer, and even pointing at one girl in the front. Eventually, he gets them clapping, but the accompanying pelvic thrusts are, just, yuck. Maybe they should have had a Half Day after all.

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