Like something out of an American Pie movie — and about as funny — actor Eddie Kaye Thomas, best remembered as Paul "Shit Break" Finch from the long-running film franchise, had to call a SWAT team on a knife-wielding female houseguest whom he had met just 24 hours earlier at a diner and brought back to his Hollywood Hills home.

According to the LAPD, Thomas asked the woman to leave after she spent the night, causing her to fly into a rage.

TMZ reports that Thomas managed to escape after the unidentified woman grabbed a kitchen knife and threatened to kill him.

Once outside he phoned the police, who sent a SWAT team to engage in an hours-long standoff with the barricaded one-night stand.

Before the cops were finally able to evict the woman, she apparently went apeshit over Thomas's stuff, breaking a phone, a guitar, and other possessions.

The suspect was evaluated at a nearby hospital before being booked on a charge of felony vandalism.

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