On March 30, a woman in Florida started drinking to combat her loneliness. She soon became drunk. Standard enough, right? We've all been there. Less standard, however, is what the woman did next. According to police reports, 64-year-old Fleurette French then called 911 to report a fake medical issue. When a medic arrived on the scene, French told him the truth.

"French told [a medic] the real reason she called 911 was 'because she was lonely,'" a deputy wrote in an affidavit obtained by the TC Palm. The medic also noted that French was "highly intoxicated" but "in no obvious distress."

Despite the lack of obvious injury or ailment, the medic took French to the Indian River Medical Center, a nearby hospital.

The deputy who responded to the initial call grew suspicious and investigated French, eventually discovering that she had called 911 five times in the week before this incident; each time, she had been drunk and was taken to the hospital.

The deputy decided that, crushing loneliness or not, law enforcement officers in Florida had better things to do with their time, so he went to the hospital and arrested French, charging her with abuse of emergency services.

[via the New York Daily News]