A Missouri State Senator previously known best for appearing in a Tea Party movie about an armed revolt against the government and allegedly assaulting a staffer employed by his political rival is back in the news today after a heated email exchange with a constituent was published by the River Front Times' Daily RFT blog.

Wildwood native Bart Cohn somehow found himself on the mailing list of State Sen. Brian Nieves (R-Franklin County), and desperately wanted off.

Cohn, a former local lawmaker whose political views differ greatly from Nieves', sent the lawmaker an email last Friday asking him to "take me off your mailing list," before throwing in the word "freak" for good measure.

Nieves, who apparently couldn't think of anything better with which to occupy his time, decided to reply to Cohn with a petty email of his own:

Who are you? Is there something wrong with you? Are you incapable of communicating in a way that common, decent people do?

Tell me this, how did you ever even get on MY Distribution list?

Cohn responded to Nieves' inquiries with a reiteration of his original request: "Remove me from your list. I despise you."

That's when things got weird (sic throughout).


Tell me who you are and how you ever got on my list. I don't take we'll to some troll sneaking on to my distribution list.


I don't care what you take well to. Take me off your list. I don't know how I got on your list. And I don't sneak. I'll tell you to your face I think you're a freak. Now act like a big boy, senator, and remove me from your list as I've requested. And stop harassing me or I'll make an issue of it.


Explain "issue"

Are you threatening an elected official? I'm sure your very Big & Bad & Tuff.

The ONE and ONLY way for you to have gotten on my list is by YOU having communicated with me via email. I guess your the type who wants to be able to throw something my way but not hear back?

You'll be removed but be Very Careful to NEVER Threaten me! Also, don't ever send anything to this email address again because every time you do, you automatically get put back on the distribution list. :-)


I didn't threaten anyone, you tool. You are such a douchetard it's not even funny. Now go do some work on your insane conspiracy theories that everyone laughs about behind your back. You're a joke!


Wow. Your communications are so thought provoking, well written, and intelligent. Perhaps you secretly want to be on my distribution list because every time you send me a message, your email is recaptured and put on my distribution list. I'm tiring of taking you off every time you email me AGAIN so unless you are in love with me or have some other sort of sick obsession with me (sorry, I'm straight as an arrow) you should probably stop emailing me so that you don't keep getting put back on the list. Should I type these instructions slower? Are you having a hard time understanding? BTW - I archive ALL questionable emails like yours in case there's ever any doubt about who got ugly first. Go back to the grade school playground where people you can successfully bully and out smart are playing cuz junior... You are way out of your league with me.

At this point Nieves took a "brief break" so he could check out Cohn's Facebook page. Around 1 AM, he sent Cohn a final email: "BTW... You really don't look good with a beard."

Speaking with the Daily RFT, Cohn said he found Nieves' behavior "completely absurd" and "insane," adding, "I can't believe he said these things."

The Sideshow notes that Cohn made an appearance in the comments section of the post to apologize for his own behavior, saying "I shouldn't have called him names."

Still, Cohn insists Nieves "was spamming me left and right with his insane newsletters...and I couldn't take it anymore."

Daily RFT attempted to reach Nieves for comment, but so far not a peep. I guess he's all emailed out.

[photos via Wikimedia, Facebook]