Well-adjusted teen Justin Bieber posted a fun image to Instagram yesterday: a drawing of him, nude, cuddling in post-coital bliss with an anonymous fan, also nude (and helpfully labeled "BELIEBER"). He posted it to his feed without comment, leading hundreds of thousands of anonymous teenage girls to conjecture that the girl in the image represented them, specifically.

Over the weekend, Bieber found himself embroiled in controversy after speculating that, were Holocaust victim Anne Frank alive today—or, perhaps, were Justin Bieber a global superstar at the time of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands— she too might be a Belieber. He also described her as "a great girl." So it's possible, but unlikely, that the Belieber in the picture represents Anne Frank.

As for provenance, the image was created by a Spanish illustrator named Laia who is great at drawing pictures of Justin Bieber. It appears to have been inspired by a 64-chapter Justin Bieber fanfiction epic titled "Danger," in which an alternate universe version of Justin Bieber—nicknamed Danger—shoots someone at a party and then falls in love with a great girl named Kelsey.

Sample line of dialogue:

"Take it down a notch shawty, I ain't gonna kill you."

(That's what Danger Bieber says to Kelsey after she sees him shoot someone over unpaid debts.)

Last night Justin Bieber tweeted that he was "Up watching funny YouTube vids."

[via Instagram, h/t The Sun]