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Amid all the batshit crackpot conspiracy theories that have emerged in the wake of yesterday's Boston Marathon bombing, the "Family Guy false flag" theory stands alone in its batshittiness.

Not the least because the whole conspiracy is predicated on a hoax.

It all started when some heartless troll saw fit to combine two disparate parts from a single episode of Family Guy to make it appear as through Peter is using a cellphone to remotely detonate two explosive devices, thereby securing his victory in the Boston Marathon.

In actuality, the two scenes occur many minutes apart from each other and belong to two unrelated gags.

Alex Jones, never one to bother with facts that get in the way of his conspiratorial ravings, presented the doctored clip to his readers as proof that the media knew in advance about the government's plans to bomb the Boston Marathon in order to generate a convenient excuse "to take our civil liberties and promote homeland security."


Other right-wing websites picked up where Jones left off, and Twitter users helpfully spread word of an impending New World Order.

The whole thing eventually got so bad that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane had no choice but to respond. "The edited Family Guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent," he tweeted.

Though it didn't make any mention of the fabricated controversy surrounding the episode, Fox a short while ago decided to pull "Turban Cowboy" — which originally aired one month ago tomorrow — from all digital outlets where it is currently available, including Fox.com and Hulu.

While the episode does not contain the scene depicted in the fake clip circulating online, it does feature a flashback showing Peter hitting Boston Marathon runners with his car.

[video via YouTube]