Fans of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson know well that every show opens with the very same line: "It's a great day for America."

But yesterday was not a great day for America — far from it — and Ferguson knew he would not be able to start the show with his signature catchphrase.

"Is anyone else sick of this shit?" Ferguson suddenly exclaims. "I seem to have to say that too often, I have to not say 'it's a great day for America' because of some random act of madness or terrorism."

Ferguson is no doubt referring to his powerful monologue in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado shooting, which opened in much the same way.

He goes on to discuss his personal ties to the city of Boston, while reminding viewers that it's okay to laugh when he makes jokes.

But, Ferguson admits, it's unclear how funny he'll be considering what has transpired.

"If I have all this inside of me, if I have all of this rage and anger and distress and upset inside of me, I'm not good enough a comedian to hide that form you," he tells the audience through passionate gesticulations. "So, we'll have our guests out tonight and I'll ask them about their lives, but I don't know how it's going to be."

[screengrab via CBS]