Sex workers in Silicon Valley have begun catering to their tech-savvy, incredibly wealthy clients by accepting payments through "Square" (those little boxes that attach to iPads that your favorite coffee shop uses), taking to Twitter, and playing out a nerd's fantasies (including, but not limited to, simply talking to a girl).

CNN's Laurie Segall reports on the booming industry, which has led to an uptick in prostitution arrests as newly-rich geeks pay up to $400-500/hour (the average wage in San Jose is now over $96,000), making millionaires of some sex workers. San Jose has seen an increase of 35% in prostitution arrests, with a good number of sex workers taking payment by credit card, labeling the payments as "consulting services" for their clients.

Johns come from several large tech companies in the area, looking for companionship in the form of sex workers who are up on technology, wear t-shirts that say things like "Geeks Make Better Lovers," hosting podcasts talking about sex, or going by the names of female X-Men. The sex workers have even seen clients come and go as their start-ups go boom or bust (yeah, yeah, insert joke here).

Clients have asked questions to sex workers like, "How do I get a girlfriend?" Or, "If I buy a puppy will girls like me more?"