A former justice of the peace was arrested Friday and his house was searched, in connection with the two shooting deaths of North Texas prosecutors, who were each killed a few weeks apart.

Eric Williams, 46, was convicted last year of stealing county equipment and was prosecuted by Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland (whose funeral Rick Perry spoke at) and Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, both of whom were shot to death in the ensuing months.

The LA Times reports that on Friday "investigators searched the homes of Williams and his in-laws in Kaufman, blocking the road to Williams' home."

Williams would fit the description of the 'lone wolf' theory put forward by investigators yesterday. The New York Times wrote that slain DA Mike McLelland had even "told colleagues that he believed the victim [Hasse] was the target of a specific disgruntled defendant whom his office had successfully prosecuted."

Instead of an intricate plot by the Aryan Brotherhood, the prosecutors were most likely killed by someone they had prosecuted.

Williams is being held without bond while the investigation continues and authorities try to figure out if he is that "lone wolf."