On Tuesday, Dylan Quick, 20, allegedly went on a stabbing streak at Lone Star Community College near Houston, Texas. In total, 14 people were injured, including one person that remains hospitalized.

Late Thursday, court documents revealed that Quick told investigators that he had long fantasized about cannibalism and necrophilia. Quick is also said to have researched other mass stabbings the week before supposedly going on his attack.

"Mr.Quick admitted he was the lone stabber at Lone Star College," the warrant states. "Mr. Quick stated that last week he research the internet about mass stabbings on his personal computer."

In addition to cannibalism and necrophilia, Quick told investigators he fantasized about cutting off people's faces and wearing them as masks. Those fantasies started when he was 8 years old, according to court documents.

To prepare for the stabbings, Quick allegedly said he sharpened various household objects, including pencils and a hairbrush, to use in the attack, although authorities later said he used only a box cutter.

The affidavit also said police seized nine items from Quick's home, including a "Hannibal Lecter Mask," an animal dissection kit and several books, including ones with the titles "Hit List" and "Hitman," though the affidavit didn't note what the books were about.

Police currently have Quick on suicide watch, where he'll remain until he undergoes a proper psychological exam. He's being held without bond on three counts of aggravated assault and faces, if convicted all on charges, 20 years in jail.

[Image via AP]