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Caution: Volume down; shit gets loud.

The mother of a young child who claimed both she and her baby were being "disrespected" by a fellow bus patron made a decidedly oxymoronic decision when she forcefully threw the little girl at another passenger in order to engage in a violent brawl with the other woman (skip to 1:40).

Footage of the incident, reportedly filmed aboard a bus in Connecticut, went viral overnight, with many commenters wondering if any of the people involved were brought to justice, and/or, more importantly, if the child is out of harm's way.

Sadly, no follow-up has emerged, but a comment left of the YouTube upload of the video (before it was removed), claiming to have been written by an acquaintance of the mother, suggests little by way of remorse

"That's my bitch/home girl," wrote user tareka281. "Fuck everybodys negative comments she shouldnt have threw the baby but she deserved to get in that girl ass lmao don't talk about nobodys child bitch."

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