What will Boston look like a few hundred years from now? It will look like... water, probably. Inspired by The New York Times' "What Could Disappear," photoillustrator Nickolay Lamm has put together some amazing images of American cities as they might appear in coming centuries, depending on how much humanity manages to reduce its carbon footprint. Above, Boston's Back Bay under 25 feet of water—a worst-case scenario for the year 2300, if no pollution controls are instituted.

To make his images, Lamm consulted with maps produced by Climate Central that plot where, exactly, the flooding will occur as the sea level rises. Note that his projections are based on what you would see at low or medium tide, not high. Here's the Jefferson Memorial under 25 of water:

Here's the Harvard campus:

And Miami's Ocean Drive:

And Jefferson under, successively, five, 12 and 25 feet of water:

[Nickolay Lamm for Storagefront.com]