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Lindsay Lohan's two segments on the Late Show with David Letterman weren't entirely awkward. Though Letterman continued to grill Lohan on rehab and her addictions, in this clip from later in the interview, he referenced all the jokes he's made at her expense and praised her for having "enough spine, enough sense of yourself, enough poise to come out here and talk to me." Lohan teared up to the point of having trouble setting up the clip from Scary Movie 5, which she was there to promote. Humanity shines through.

While Lohan is self-entitled and frequently infuriating, he's right: She has a surprising sense of humor about herself and her situation(s). It's a good thing — it keeps her from being intolerable. In fact, Lindsay was witty and borderline charming for much of her chat with Dave. There may be hope for her yet — or maybe she should quit acting and become a professional interviewee.