Once you've seen the Sistine Chapel six or seven times, life in Vatican City can get a bit... boring (we imagine). So what else is there to do? According an analysis by TorrentFreak and Scaneye: download pirated porn.

Using Scaneye's data, TorrentFreak was able to take a look at which Bittorrent files were being downloaded by IP addresses located in Vatican City. Some of them were boring—The Americans; Love, Actually; Chicago Fire—and some of them were... more interesting. BDSM porn interesting:

Fleshbot was able to rustle up some clips from "WA-27788 Lea Lexis and Krissy Lynn" (that's "WA" for "Whipped Ass")—"Krissy plays an art critic and Lea plays a scorned artist who takes revenge on the snobby rich smack-talkers of the world by making an example of Krissy"—and "TPH-26967 Tiffany Starr and Sheena Shaw"—"Sheena wakes up and doesn't remember why Tiffany is in her bed, but a firm pounding from Tiffany's cock helps jog her memory." (There's also one called "Russian Slaves.") Feel free to watch, but make sure you do it somewhere where porn is okay, like the Vatican.

[Torrentfreak, Fleshbot (NSFW), image via AP]