A doctor in China couldn't help herself after she recently treated a man whose colon had been perforated by the eel he had stuck up his butt.

She just had to blog about it.

Story goes that the 39-year-old man was doing a bit of drinking when he concluded that it might be nice to let a live swamp eel swim up his rectum.

Needless to say, it damn near killed 'im.

According to the doctor, the 20" eel gnawed its way through the man's colon into his body, causing massive internal bleeding.

"The eel was simply trying to find its way out," another doctor is quoted as saying.

Happily, surgeons who worked through the night to extract the fish from the man's gut were able to save his life.

Shockingly, the eel survived the ordeal as well, though it didn't stick around for long.

One Japanese news outlet reports that the story of the man's misadventure has generated much conversation in his native land, along with many "LOLs."

It seems the Guangdong province resident was attempting to imitate a scene from an X-rated film he was watching, but the eel proved more slippery than anticipated.

Three years ago, a similar story took a decidedly unfunny turn after a Chinese man was badly injured by an eel that was inserted into his anus by his friends as a prank. He later succumbed to those injuries.

More recently, a man in New Zealand arrived at the hospital with an eel the size of an asparagus sprig stuck inside of him, but doctors refused to say how it got there.

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