A man from Logansport, Indiana was arrested for a DUI early Monday morning. Standard enough. Everyone makes mistakes. But what makes this case unusual is the fact that the man, 24-year-old Matthew Devore, wasn't pulled over by police or reported by another driver. Instead, he called 911 to turn himself in, telling the operator he was driving drunk and needed to taken off the road.

Devore called police after he lost control of his car, spinning off the highway and into the median. He managed to drive out of the median before realizing he had a flat tire, which was when Devore realized the jig was up and turned himself in. A sheriff's deputy was quickly dispatched to the scene, where Devore was arrested. Police say his BAC was 0.09, meaning Devore was legally drunk but just barely.

But why was Devore out drunk driving on a Sunday night/Monday morning? Because just wanted to get out of town. Devore told deputies he "was sick of Indiana so [he] decided to go for a ride." And there's this:

Authorities said the man, who had bloody knuckles, said he had been playing darts earlier in the evening and decided to punch a wall.

Darts, Indiana, like three full beers, and a late night drive are never a good combination.

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