It's been a rough year for people who make their living masquerading as beloved children's characters in New York City. Last summer, there was the sad case of Central Park's Jew-hating Elmo (who, by the way, is named Adam Sandler). Two months ago, a man dressed as Spider-Man in Times Square claimed to be the victim of a vicious snowball attack from a stingy mom. Monday morning, the streak continued when a man in a Cookie Monster suit was arrested for allegedly shoving a two-year-old boy.

The shoving reportedly occurred after the two-year-old boy's mother refused to pay the Monster two dollars after her family posed with him. Cookie Monster (real name: Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez) allegedly became enraged and began cursing at the mother. After he was finished yelling, Quiroz-Lopez shoved the two year old, according to the mother.

The mother alerted police, who arrested Quiroz-Lopez, charging him with endangering the welfare of a child. Guilty or not, Quiroz can rest easy knowing he's far from the biggest Sesame Skeeve out there.

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