The image macro meme Confession Bear is mostly used to bare one's soul concerning trivial matters such as loving the smell of one's own balls.

But one Redditor who goes by — or, rather, went by — "Naratto" appears to have broken the mold when he used the "advice animal" to confess a murder.

"My sister had an abusive meth addict boyfriend," Naratto claimed in a Confession Bear posted Saturday night. "I killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it as an overdose."

The "confession" immediately rang familiar to many fans of the AMC show Breaking Bad, where the main character once dispatched of a drug-addicted secondary character in sort-of the same way.

But the distinct possibility that Naratto wasn't kidding around left many in the hivemind — particularly those who've already witnessed disturbing crime confessions on the site — wary of dismissing the claim offhand.

"He's probably just harvesting karma," wrote Redditor TotalBeefcake, referencing the site's mostly meaningless points system. "[B]ut the idea of someone getting away with murder and then having the nards to gloat about it on a popular website really boils my bottom."

Others concurred, and soon enough — within moments, according to The Daily Dot — all of Naratto's personal deets were laid bare.

"Everything from name, DOB, jobs, location, FB, Twitter, Myspace, the whole deal," per one Redditor who was around before the threads containing identifying data were ultimately deleted by the mods.

But not before someone supposedly forwarded all the information onto the FBI.

In a last-ditch effort to avoid getting "vanned," Naratto tried to put the memie back in the bottle by claiming the whole thing was a "joke."

He did, however, admit that there was "some truth behind it," but refused to say "what was true and what wasn't."

Realizing he was about to have "a bad time," Naratto deleted his account wholesale and returned to "the shadows of lurking."

Joke or not, some Redditors still found humor in the whole thing.

"The funny thing is that if he gets caught they'll use confession bear as evidence," wrote Redditor CaptainCheeseBurger.

It was certainly a busy week on the social news site, where, over on the Casual AMA subreddit, one user who claimed he was "going to kill myself in a few hours" invited Redditors to ask him anything.

[images via Quickmeme via Reddit]