A 64-year-old woman in Chicago was arrested and charged with hiring her grandson to murder her husband. Police say Janet Strickland hired her 19-year-old grandson, William Strickland, to gun down her husband, also named William Strickland, in part because she was "sick" of him and in part because she, as his sole beneficiary, wanted his money.

William Strickland Jr., who was arrested and charged with first degree murder on March 30, allegedly shot his grandfather six times from behind as the elder Strickland was on his way to his dialysis appointment. According to reports, Janet Strickland generously rewarded her grandson for killing his grandfather.

Afterward, Janet Strickland - a beneficiary of her husband's savings - bought her grandson a car and home furnishings, prosecutors said. The younger Strickland also allegedly bought himself tattoos, gym shoes and a new phone.

Mario Farmer, 50, said he saw the younger Strickland with a new red car with no tags about two weeks after the shooting. At one point the young man was putting in a new sound system with a group of friends, said Farmer, who lives two doors down from the family.

"He was hooking it up, but I was surprised he had it so quick because he wasn't working," Farmer said.

The alleged hit had been in the works for some time, according to prosecutors.

Assistant State's Attorney Jacqueline Kwilos said Janet Strickland and her grandson "discussed on numerous occasions killing the victim. [Janet Strickland] stated numerous times to her grandson that she was sick of his grandfather and that she wanted her husband dead. She stated she wished he was not here and she wanted him gone."

In the months prior to the shooting, the younger Strickland had been living with his grandfather. He was charged with first degree murder and armed robbery; he was denied bail. His grandmother was also charged with first degree murder and armed robbery. Her bail was set at $500,000.

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