Ross Douthat, the young conservative on the Times op-ed page, weighed in today on Susan Patton's totally fucked-up advice for Princeton women. His piece, which lays out that the Ivy league represents the kind of compromised meritocracy that caters to elites like Patton, especially because they give the elite a chance to preserve their wealth and status, is both nuanced and thoughtful. But it's coming from a person who tends towards the right. And attacks the type of meritocracy that has privileged most of the readership of the Times. In other words, commenters are having a really hard time trying to figure out what to make of the piece.

Twitter user Jon Gabriel has been tweeting some of the more choice comments on Douthat's piece (which he describes as representing some "haughty butthurt"), and they are hysterical:

And if you're thinking, like much of the younger set, that these comments are steeped in irony... think again! It's New York Times commenters, silly — it's like getting texts from your mom.

Were you a summa cum laude at Harvard? Who knows! Who cares? Obviously the biggest takeaway from this searing piece is that any challenge to the elite should be dismissed out of hand (by the elite).