"When I picked this one up, I knew he was special," Patti Burke told Florida Today.

And she would know: The Melbourne, Florida, woman admitted to consuming up to three pounds of Goldfish crackers in a single week.

But her habit of consuming the snack in order of saltiness paid off during Holy Week when Burke stumbled upon a strangely spiritual specimen.

A Jesus Goldfish, if you will.

"He had a cross on him, and he had a crown circle up by his head," she said. "Something I've never seen before out of all the Goldfish I've eaten."

Burke immediately placed the "Christ cracker" in a padded earring box and phoned up Pepperidge Farm to see if perhaps they were issuing a limited edition Pareidolia-themed variety of their classic snack to coincide with Easter.

"They called me back and said there's no way this could have been printed like that in the factory," she recalled.

Which obviously left her with only one conclusion to jump to.

"I believe that it's a sign, a sign from God, that ... he is still in our life every day and he wants to show that to his people," Burke said.

And her pastor, D. Scott Worth, concurs.

"I think it's a sign," he told Florida Today. "I think it points to, I would hesitate to call it a miracle, but I think it points to the miracle, which is Jesus Christ defeated death. And that's what Easter is all about."

Let us pray.

[H/T: Foodbeast, screengrab via Florida Today]