In move that seems to cater the gossip set interested in international relations and possible nuclear war, North Korean officials told Russian officials to consider evacuating the Russian embassy in Pyongyang and also warned the UK, that the safety of their diplomats "cannot be guaranteed." German officials called a meeting with the North Korean ambassador to express their "serious concern."

While this is most likely a propagandistic move, the warning does come amidst reports that the North is preparing a missile launch, and after weeks of threatening rhetoric.

A spokesman from the Russian embassy, Denis Samsonov, told news outlets in Russia:

"A representative of the North Korean foreign ministry suggested that the Russian side examine the question of evacuating the employees of the Russian embassy."

He then went on to say they were maybe thinking about it, but things in Pyongyang were currently pretty chill, or as he put it: "absolutely peaceful."

[BBC | South China Morning Post | NK News, image via Getty]