A deeply homophobic man is unwittingly sending out rainbow vibes via his work truck's bumper, if one gay Redditor's tale of passive-aggressive retribution is to be believed.

"I came out at 14," said the 20-year-old, who goes by PutaGatito on the popular social news site. "I guess my dad has been in pretty deep denial for the past 6 years because when I introduced him to my S/O he flipped."

She continued:

He's a strong baptist and made sure we knew we were going to hell. He made my girlfriend really upset. So, like any good girlfriend would do, I made sure my dad understood he was a dick.

How? By surreptitiously placing a bumper sticker on his truck that reads "i'm so gay i can't even drive straight."

"April fools, pop!" PutaGatito writes.

Asked if her father has since become wise to her rainbow-colored ruse, the young woman replied that he "has no idea," but invites him to "disown me for being 'damn filthy' all he wants" once he does find out.

Responses to the prank from other Redditors have run the gamut from supportive to concerned to unamused.

And then there was this comment: "I like how that sticker is so gay, even the alignment isn't straight."

[photo via Reddit]