They took their sweet time for sure, but Netflix has finally graced fans of Arrested Development with the final official for real debut date of the show's impossibly anticipated fourth season: Sunday, May 26th @ 12:01 AM PST.

And then they went and sweetened the pot:

"We've made a huge mistake!," the on-demand media company tweeted, referencing one of the show's many beloved catchphrases. "There are actually 15 new episodes of [Arrested Development]."

And all 15 will be release simultaneously so go ahead and cancel any other Memorial Day plans you may have already made (except, you know, remembering those who have died in military service).

As we already know, the new season will be an "anthology" of sorts, with each episode focusing on a different character in a lead-up to a possible movie that is still in development.

Let's hope that truly comes to pass because Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has already put the kibosh on the hopes of another season, calling the experiment a "non-repeatable one-off."

[images via Twitter]