A New Zealand man who felt ripped off after learning that a scene from the trailer for the film Jack Reacher was not in the final film complained to the country's Advertising Standards Authority, demanding restitution.

"The explosion where the whole cliff comes down [was] the defining part of the ad that made me really want to go see the movie... aside from having Tom Cruise in it," wrote J. Congdon in his complaint to the ASA.

Paramount Pictures responded to Congdon's claim that he had been misled, saying the explosion was "a single split-second element omitted from a 130-minute long action film."

The studio noted that it is a "usual and longstanding practice in the film industry" to cut trailers "weeks or months before completion of the film's final editing," and sometimes certain scenes don't make it onto the big screen.

Nonetheless, it felt Congdon's grievance at least warranted a refund of his ticket price.

The ASA ruled that no further action need be taken in light of the refund and the fact that the ad is no longer airing in New Zealand.

The country's Commercial Approvals Bureau also weighed in on the matter, saying it was content with its decision to allow the trailer to air as it posed "no threat of confusion to the large majority of TV viewers."