Deputies in Putnam Country, Tennessee, who were called to investigate reports of someone crying for help were relieved to find that the source of the screams was just a goat tied to a fence.

"We could hear what appeared to be a man screaming for help in the direction of a residence on Jackson Passage north of Edwards Lane," Deputy Will Page of the Putnam Sheriff's Department wrote in the official incident report. "It was actually coming from a goat that was tied to a fence."

The owner of the goat was contacted and the concerned citizen who placed the emergency call was notified that "everything was OK."

The Herald-Citizen says the same thing happened just a few months ago, when a report of a voice "calling for help" turned out to be a goat.

And in a twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan, that goat actually needed help.

"I located a goat that had gotten tangled up in the woods behind that residence," Deputy Jeremy Nash wrote in his report.

[H/T: Fark, video via RSVLTS]