Facebook hasn't been kind to Facebook investor and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington lately. The notorious tech thug was accused by his ex-girlfriend Jenn Allen of physical abuse and death threats in a Facebook post last week, as we were the first to report. (Later, in comments on Gawker, she accused him of rape; Arrington hasn't responded to our requests for comment.) Today, apparently in response to that post and the shards of rumor that have begun surfacing in its wake (which we are busily running down), Arrington's estranged friend and former business partner Jason Calacanis has taken to Facebook to reminisce on their relationship and endorse the ugly picture of Arrington that is emerging. It's by no means the first time Calacanis has lit into Arrington; the two have a very contentious history. The post—which doesn't name Arrington, but is obviously and transparently addressed to him—is published below in full.

In a reflective mood today.

For years I was partners with someone who I was told not to associate with by many people I respect. I ignored those warnings, defended the person and thought they were just 'misunderstood.'

For a time this person was one of my favorite people to have dinner with, smoke a cigar with or just goof off on email with. We built amazing things together for four years. Work I'm still very proud of.

A brilliant mind, a great writer and funny... but with a dark edge.

I got duped, big time.

For someone who has built a life and career on their savvy (certainly not smarts), getting duped by a partner and friend is really hard to reconcile. How did I not see it coming? Oh wait, I actually did see it coming and I ignored all the warning signs.

Why did I ignore the warning signs?

Looking back what's even worse is I went to bat for the person until eventually they sucker punched me so hard that I couldn't go to bat for them no more. In hindsight that sucker punch turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. It created a clean break and huge space between us. We went from being close friends and business partners to very public enemies.

The good times and success we had together was quickly erased by threats to me, my friends and my partners. None of those tactics worked, but it showed me exactly how vicious and bitter a person could become—and how stupid I was for ignoring the obvious signs.

Then story after horrific story of unimaginable behavior were told to me in private and I said nothing. Just stayed focused on my work.

Now all those stories are coming out publicly and there is no victory for anyone involved. Seeing the bully finally meet his demise is just sad. I wish I could have gotten through to the person who was, for a time, one of my favorite people.

Life is filled with lessons, and this one will never leave me: listen to your gut and listen to your friends. Life is short, don't enable the bad actors.

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