An Oklahoma teen who thought it would be funny to fool her boyfriend into believing she was pregnant suddenly got serious halfway into her own April 1st prank and ditched the gag in favor of stabbing him in the neck instead.

Authorities in Wagoner County say Tori Wheeler, 18, started off by telling her beau Derek Bauer that she was with child, and followed that up by brandishing a knife in his direction and threatening him with physical harm.

Wheeler later insisted to deputies that it was all a lark up until the point that Bauer became angry and threatened to call the cops.

A fight ensued, during which Wheeler allegedly stabbed Bauer in the neck (with a knife he gave her as a gift) and bit him several times.

Wheeler was subsequently arrested on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

A Redditor who claims to be Bauer's brother posted a photo of the April Fools' Day's aftermath: Seven stitches, two bite marks, and one crazy April Fools Day story.

[mug shot via Fox23, photo via Reddit]