Are you telling me you don't know who I am? That's a sentence that always goes over well. Filled with humility, sympathy for your fellow human, eschewing vanity, beaming with a deep awareness of your small place in the universe. That's everything that sentence captures.

This was ostensibly the phrase that Knicks and Madison Square Garden owner James Dolan—well-known asshole—cried out just before firing a security guard who requested to see his ID, please. According to witnesses, Dolan flew into a fury outside the exclusive and super-fancy Delta Sky 360 Club and fired her immediately. After a good night's rest, he hired her back the next day. But she will remember him now and forever! Ha!

Here's how the exchange went down, according to the New York Post, when Fiordaliza Hernandez asked to see Dolan's ID after Sunday's Knick game:

JD: "Do you know who I am?"
Presumed silence and lots of people looking on in anticipation of something outrageous pending
JD: "How long have you worked here?"
FH: "Three years."
JD: "I'm your boss! I pay your salary!"
Presumed arguing about the rules, refusal of admittance, then the glorious reversal:
JD: "Give me your ID! You're fired!"

Dolan did not fire the security guard who allowed three ticket-holding bros to waltz right into the Knicks' locker room in January.

[New York Post, image via Getty]