A miniature tree door of unknown origin just showed up one day in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, and has been captivating neighborhood residents ever since.

"When I see the door, I think of the word ‘delight,'" Richmond District Blog editor Sarah Bacon told ABC News. "When people talk about walking by it, it makes their day a little happier because it's unexpected."

It was Bacon's site that first brought news of the "elf door" to the world earlier this month.

The story was subsequently picked up by other local news outlets, and residents soon started flocking to the park's concourse to see the tree for themselves.

And more: Park visitors have taken to stuffing the tree with notes detailing their hopes and dreams and love of cheesecake.

"I think it brings the community together," a young tree-head told NBC Bay Area.

Andy Stone, the park department's section supervisor, told the station there are no plans to remove the "elf door" any time soon.

As Yahoo News points out, a similar "Gnome Tree" that mysteriously appeared near Lake Harriet in Minneapolis has also become something of a local landmark, receiving over 1,500 fan letters a year.

[screengrab via NBC Bay Area]