Bronson Pinchot's resumé has been mostly made up of odd jobs since his fame dwindled just before the turn of the century.

That's probably why it isn't particularly surprising to find out his appearance on the morning show of a central PA Fox affiliate was very odd.

Or perfectly strange, if you will.

The man known almost exclusively as either Balki Bartokomous or Serge from Beverly Hills Cop I and III appeared somewhat disheveled and possibly a bit tipsy as he hijacked the broadcast with a vulgar rendition of the early bird weather report.

Oh, you better believe he asked one of the anchors if her dress has a zipper he can pull down.

Eventually, the crew was ordered to "take control," and Pinchot was banished to Off-Camera Land, but not before he managed to remind everyone that he is still very much alive and still very much in need of some work.

[video via @SteveTSRA]