A video that began circulating late yesterday claiming to show leading member of the Westboro Baptist Church David Phelps, supposedly the son of cult founder Fred Phelps, being ambushed by an obese, birthday-suited Seattle rapper named Billy the Fridge quickly went viral because, well, who doesn't want to see that?

Unfortunately, it was not to be.

The interview footage, as it turns out, is an entirely staged promo for "the first public crucifixion in America," which will allegedly be "televised" live at BattleCam.com this Sunday.

While many websites were rushing to post the ultimate "justice porn" video, they ignored one crucial detail: Fred Phelps doesn't have a son named David. Phelps actual son, Fred Jr. confirmed as much on Twitter.

(Also, a quick Google search for "David Phelps" and "Westboro Baptist Church" brings up nothing but this video.)

But all is not for naught: Happily, Billy the Fridge is very much real, and his "NSFW exploits" are, appropriately, larger than life.

[H/T: Slog]