Following a joint South Korea-U.S. stealth bomber practice mission, North Korea announced that it's pointing its rockets at the U.S. and putting them on standby, and a state news photo seems to show its main targets: Hawaii, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and, uh... Austin. (Just a few weeks too late, Un!) points out that this photo, released in state media organ Rodong Sinmun, features a large map conspicuously labelled, "U.S. Mainland Strike Plan"; a close examination of the map shows vectors pointed toward Hawaii, D.C., L.A.... and, as far as anyone can tell, Austin.

There's also a photo of Kim Jong Un signing orders next to an iMac:

Fortunately for residents of the Live Music Capital of the World, the map represents a kind "wishful thinking" plan, printed to be seen and not to be used. North Korea just doesn't have the capability of launching a direct strike against the mainland U.S.; in fact, it couldn't even hit Hawaii. It could hit South Korea, though, and as such everyone would like Pyongyang to take it down a notch: ""No one wants there to be war on the Korean Peninsula, let me make that very clear," Pentagon spokesman George Little told CNN. [NKNews | Rodong | Telegraph]