Philip "Phil" Penny stars as a Situation knock-off in Ireland's "drink-sodden" answer to Jersey Shore, Tallafornia.

It should therefore come as little surprise that Penny is kind of a prick.

But don't tell him that: A photo of an ostensible fan photobombing Penny with the word "prick" earned its photographer a decidedly prickish lawsuit threat from Penny.

"Just to let u no ur being sued.goodluck," Penny posted in the comments underneath the prankster's photo on Facebook.

An amusingly sic-laden back-and-forth ensued (see below), which ultimately resulted in the photobombing party submitting to Penny's demands.

Unfortunately for Penny, the Internet isn't limited to one man's Facebook page, and the photo soon made its way to Reddit, where it attracted the attention of several other websites, ensuring the photo's graduation from one-hit wonder to full-on Barbra Streisand.

Penny, for his part, was none-too-pleased about his entirely reasonable photo-scrubbing request going in the complete opposite direction, and responded to the subsequent backfire in signature prick form:

[screengrabs via Facebook]