Spring is in the air. The birds are birding. The bees are abuzz. And somewhere out in America's dusty far reaches, a red-faced college administrator is trying to censor a rather tame "Sex Issue" of a college newspaper.

The current episode of this oft-repeated story takes place at the Hot Sexxxy Central New Mexico Community College, where the administration "went ballistic" over the sex issue of the student paper, the CNM Chronicle, yanked it from campus, and shut down the paper's entire newsroom pending an administrative review.

What does this offensive sex issue have in it? Eh, "Your Favorite Sex Position" ("The figure eight," is one student's. Tell me more), stuff about the rainbow spectrum of sexuality, BDSM for beginners, finding the right sex toy, and a nod to abstinence. The usual. There aren't even any filthy porn photos like you would find at trashier schools like Harvard. You can read the whole issue here. Are you scandalized? Then you may be a New Mexico community college administrator who struggles every day to push inappropriate thoughts about lithe young 19-year-old student bodies and their hot, hot cocks out of your mind. Which is fine, but don't take it out on student journalists.

The sooner America's college administrators can come to terms with hot, hot cocks, the sooner we can move past this unfortunate recurring story.