Jose Martinez's lawyer says it took the quadriplegic man three hours to medically stabilize after he was left stranded on Disneyland's infamous "It's A Small World" ride, with the ride's equally infamous theme song blaring in the background the entire time.

According to attorney David Geffen, his client was the only park patron left aboard the ride after it suddenly broke down during Martinez's visit four years ago.

Geffen said staffers never bothered to call firefighters to help extract Martinez, who suffers from high blood pressure and is prone to panic attacks.

Worse still, he needed to urinate something awful.

"He was half in the [Goodbye Room] of the ride and half out," Geffen told the San Francisco Chronicle. "The music was blaring. They couldn't get it to go off."

Martinez and his wife had no choice but to sit tight for over thirty minutes while maintenance workers attempted to get the ride going again.

For its part, Disneyland says it "provided appropriate assistance" to the stranded couple, but a Santa Ana court sided with Martinez in his claim that the park violated disability law, and awarded him $8,000 for his pain and suffering.

[screengrab via CBS LA]